My new album with The Fire Tonight

I honestly can't believe it's finished.

Oh my god. The album is DONE.

That video right there? That's the end result of a chord voicing I learned from Bob Hallahan back in March of 2014. It's a standard for jazz players. Something that pretty much everyone uses. For good reason. It's a rich voicing, it feels exquisite under your hands regardless of what key you're in, you can use it during a solo or to comp. 

So I thought. What the hell. I'll start arpeggiating it. . . 

A year and a half later, my musical brothers, Collin Derrick and Stephen Russ, and I have somehow constructed the most unified vision of what we love about music. It's a piano trio album, but it's still saturated in our love of rock and metal and jazz. We nearly broke up several times because of this album. The recording sessions were heated. Even dramatic. It always is when you're recording something in one take as a full band rather than overdubbing things. I mean, the amount of practice that went into getting ready for that session still makes me dizzy to this day. But there's a certain relief having done it that way. We couldn't change anything. We had to accept our limitations and then surpass them together rather than individually.  And that's exhilarating as a group. 

Point being, it's an amazing feeling to have tackled that process and finally let go. Let your music into the world and just let it go. I don't think I could be more proud of Collin and Stephen. They took every musical curve ball I could throw at them and threw them right back at me.

So please. Take a listen. It's on Bandcamp. Josh Hardy has even created the most exquisite art for both the digital and vinyl edition. Vinyl will be out in 2016. And man, are there a lot of secrets for you to uncover.