Global Game Jam 2015 and A Follow Up

So it's been a while, but things have been going really well! Here's the news!

My band played a sold out New Year's Eve show in Washington, DC. That was an absolute blast, and I couldn't be more thankful to have had in that experience. We even recorded our album. THE VERY NEXT DAY. Talk about a musical workout. It was well worth the effort, because we came out the other side with analog tape studio quality. I used to dismiss people who raved about that quality, but man, after hearing the difference, I'm a believer.

Plutono was kind enough to fund a sound library which I've been exploring for the past few months. Orchestral Tool's Berlin Strings. They basically sat down some fantastic musicians and created the best string library I've heard to date. It really is the most life-like thing to step out of a VST plugin. Their other lines, Brass and Woodwind, are brilliant as well. If you're a sucker for that human element, check them out.

I'm going to SCAD Atlanta's Global Game Jam 2015 in two days! Nerves, excitement, eagerness, anticipation. All of it is just gnawing away at my gut. Can't wait to get down there, meet some devs, and churn out some music for their games! I've only heard great things, so I'm sure it's going to be a weekend to remember.

This year also marks the start of the Codex. The Codex is going to be a (insert some number greater than 3 here) EP collection of music that I'll be writing. Frankly, a bunch of it is already written. The grand vision is that each EP will capture a particular genre, instrumentation, mood that I feel is core to what I love to do. Obviously there's going to be some insane piano trio action. My guitar's going to make an appearance on the prog metal material. Massive and Reason's chip-synths will carry the chiptune tracks. It's just a big old celebration of music and why I love it, so I'm sure that my attempts to organize it into "genres" and "instrumentations" will be laughable by the end of the project.

Still. It's cool to start the new year looking ahead to new faces, new music, and new opportunities.