Some Kind of Plan

September has been a pretty phenomenal month of music. Mostly just rubbing it in my past self's face. Here on the internet. Figured that would show him. He was quite the doubtful downer at the outset of this whole independent musical venture dealio. Granted, it's only been a month, but hey. From now on, I'll wait for it to actually get worse before sinking my own boat.

Finally got the opportunity to upgrade my studio with some great monitors. Poor things have been through just about every genre I've got. . . but man, do they sound great. Props to my new desk buddies! In typical nerd fashion, I have mounted each with a lovely Lego Star Wars fighter. Bet you can't guess which ones.

Snagged an eight string guitar. Believe me, you will be hearing that bad boy in new material. Already have two new songs that feature the gorgeous extended range of that raucous line of baritone beasts.

I even got a real life commission! It's allowed me to explore a lot of different sounds I don't use often. Thankfully, the experience has been super useful for the music bed and soundtrack market. Huzzah useful techniques! Now I can make bonafide woosh noises.

I always wanted to make bonafide woosh noises.

Apart from that, as always I'm working with the excellent devs at Plutono on their upcoming title. Can't wait for people to hear the music for that game. I really think it's going to be something special. Better watch out IGF. 

Oh. And YouTube. Gonna snag a solid camera here in a bit and give you all some more covers and video songs to chew on. 

Gotta love the internet. In the meantime, please have this delicious track courtesy of guitarists Misha Mansoor and Tosin Abasi.