Some Mad Scientists

Found this on Ropeadope Records' YouTube page. 


There is a lot of talent at work here.

The keyboardist's got an amazing feel for great timbres that are both atmospheric and punchy. His lines are great hooks backed up by great chordal voicings. That's wicked hard to do. Take my word for it. I also love that he'll do stupid stuff like throw his delay line into Super Saiyan mode just to get a reaction from his bandmates.

Speaking of the bandmates. That bass player just won my heart with his completely destroyed tone. It's huge. It's gritty. It knocks you on your socks. Having spent hours myself trying to craft my bass tone into a listenable and overwhelming pile of mess, I doff my hat to this man and his gnarly beast of syncopation. 

The drum lines are also insanely tasteful. A lot of what this guy is barely noticeable and that's what makes it brilliant. Any time you stop listening to him specifically, the whole aesthetic takes over and just gets you grooving. As soon as you DO start to listen to him though, you realize that this cat has got some serious chops. He also strives for the style of drumming I've always loved. Constant groove-oriented beats with little flourishes thrown in. I mean, the dude picks up a shaker to use as a stick. This guy should be your hero. Because he certainly is mine. 

Highly recommend you check these guys out. It's funky. It's fresh. But I haven't heard anything like this since ELP. And it certainly seems like these guys are more concerned with you listening than the prog gods were. That is a thing worth seeking out. So go listen.